Air Sterilization

Are you sick when you are AT home?

To get a better understanding of the health problems we face day in and day out, you need to first rewind a few years from now and try and locate the real reason for this to grow to such a proportion. It was in the early 1970s that highly insulated homes became a rage due to their potential of reducing energy expenses. However, immediately after a lapse of few years that people started complaining about excessive moisture and health issues caused due to indoor pollution and various moisture related problems indoors.

Even in present times, there are quite a few homes that show signs of being inclined to this problem. Moreover, they are known to retain airborne pollutants and humidity which triggers longer life-spans and a more productive life cycle of all the microbial infestation in the homes. This could be bacteria, germs, mold, or ever viruses. The more the infestations of these contaminants the more would you be prone to illnesses and sicknesses. The best alternative would be to hire the efficient services of anair-conditioning services okc that would help you to do away with these infestations and the subsequent illnesses.

Mold: The Lone Survivor

Mold is one of the most determinant infestations. Yes, these are the only ones at the bottom of the food chain who thrive on minimum food but rapidly grow, produce spores, and various other toxins like volatile organic compounds. The same organism could probably multiple into trillions in less than three weeks time. With all the right kind of conditions, mold could occur possibly anywhere right from vehicles, schools, homes, to workplaces and entertainment centers.

There are reports that increased use of air conditioning systems has been said to be directly responsible for the increase of IAQ problems and allergies. Besides, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 60% of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) allergies and problems could be mold-related. There are some mold products (toxins) that could produce grave and sometimes life-threatening reactions, like asthma, allergy, pneumonitis, hypersensitivity, and in also bleeding lung disease in extreme cases.


Hard start kits are said to be designed for assisting the compressor upon start-up. If the inside air conditioning coil is situated approximately 50 ft from the outside condensing unit, you almost certainly need a hard start kit for assisting the compressor whenever it turns on.

Other than cooling the air, the primary function of air conditioners is dehumidifying the air for creating a comfortable environment.

For over 65 years ultraviolet light in the “C” band (UVC) has been utilized for killing microorganisms in barber shops, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, as well as at the nation’s Center for Disease Control. On the other hand residential ultraviolet units are being independently tested and substantiated to be effectual in the constantly moving air environments of cooling heating and cooling systems, killing bacteria and mold quickly and quickly effectively.