Ceiling Saver Kit

Save your home from sudden “flash floods”

Other than cooling the air, the primary function of air conditioners is dehumidifying the air for creating a comfortable environment. The water let out after dehumidification is then drawn off. Considering this, if you happen to install the air conditioner in the attic the water draining could pose as a serious threat. If the drain clogs, there are heightened possibilities tat the condensation will trickle from the air conditioner and start soaking the ceiling. Replacing or repairing the ceiling probably might cost an arm and a leg. You could even have to shell out much more, if you have a cathedral ceiling installed in your home.

For this reason, to help all our valuable customers in Midwest CityEdmond City or any other cities around Oklahoma City, we have come up with the brilliant idea of introducing the ceiling saver kit. A major plus point of using this kit is that, it has the power to any kind of potential leaks in customer fabricated pans that have separate drain lines for protecting your ceiling from accidental leaks. Beside, even if the back-up drain starts getting clogged up, we have also taken care of that aspect – we have got it covered. Along with the ceiling saver kit, we have a safety switch that automatically turns your air conditioner off if it cites any possibility of condensations.

The ceiling saver kit catches any potential leaks in a custom fabricated pan that has a separate drain line to protect your ceiling from leaks. What if the back-up drain gets clogged? We’ve got it covered. We also install as part of our ceiling saver kit a safety switch that will automatically turn your air conditioner off eliminating the possibility for any more condensation to occur. This is the time, you would really understand the need to get in touch with us and have the problem corrected without ever leaking a drop of water onto your ceiling.