Kool Kap

Keep your outdoor unit free from leaves

Protect your air conditioner throughout the year with a Kool Kap. Every single day your air conditioner’s condensing unit has to put up with the sun, snow, dirt, rain, leaves, ice, sticks and outdoor debris. This debris starts accumulating in the bottom of the condensing unit and in the process entrap ice, snow, and water. The same trapped moisture triggers premature corrode and rust, and in the process damages your air conditioning system. Kool Kap will keep your condensing unit clean, and help it run at peak efficiency helping you save money on the utility bills. After installing the Kool Kap, you no longer have to fuss about it. Kool Kap stays on the condenser throughout the year, so install it, let it do its work and stop thinking about it. This is only one of the many ways we True Tech Heating and Air Conditioning Service Oklahoma try to make things easy for our customers in air conditioning Midwest City, Edmond City or any other cities around Oklahoma City. Get in touch with us to know how we can simplify your living conditions and keep you and your family away from the dirt and bacteria.